Microwave Tips

Published on 24 March 2013 by in Tips


To minimize the number of problems and repairs with your microwave, do these easy maintenance tasks: clean the interior and exterior of your microwave unit at regular intervals or when dirty; make sure that the microwave outlet has surge protection; never run the microwave when empty, because that can damage the internal circuitry of the unit.

Microwaves are usually pretty problem free appliances. These are some of the most common problems that can go wrong with your microwave:

Microwave units are equipped with line fuses – parts that act as protectors if there is a power surge. If your microwave stops working, first check the fuse to see if the fuse has melted or blown, and replace the fuse with a new part.

It is essential that the microwave door is properly closed when the unit is in operation, so there is a door switch located on the microwave door that ensures that it cannot run when the door is not closed. Sometimes this switch wears out or stops working and then the microwave controls think that the door is open even when it is closed. Both the microwave door switch and the latch connected to the switch break on occasion and require replacement.

The microwave touch pad is a delicate instrument that guides the operation of the unit. If there is a spill on the pad, moisture has been known to collect on the inside, and the touch pad can malfunction. Take the touch pad out of the microwave and let it dry or replace the part if necessary.

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