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Maslyn & Sons Appliance recommends you clean the lint filter every load.

Even if you do that, you will likely find that dryer sheets leave a film on the lint screen. This can lead to problems with your dryer because this film blocks the air flow, which means your dryer has to use more energy and the heating unit is more likely to burn out sooner. Keeping the dryer lint screen clean will keep it working well and can nearly double the life of your dryer.

If you’ve tried cleaning with no success, you may just need to change your approach and actually WASH it every now & again.

Try this proven method (because not all of them work well) to keep your dryer working at top performance level.

You Will Need:
Dish soap
Old toothbrush or nylon scrubbing brush
Hot water
Sink, tub or bucket
Soft towel

Steps to Clean the Lint Trap:
Begin by filling a sink, tub or bucket – should be large enough to allow the trap to soak – with hot water.
Add a good amount of soap and agitate the water to mix.
Remove any loose lint from the lint trap. Wipe it with your hand or use a vacuum with attachments to remove it.
Place the lint trap into the hot water and allow it to soak.
Use the scrubbing brush to remove the loosened residue.
Rinse frequently to evaluate how much of the residue remains.
Continue soaking and scrubbing until the film is removed.
Rinse completely with clean water.
Dry the screen carefully with a soft towel.
Allow it to air dry completely before placing it back into the dryer.

Finally, you may periodically want to make sure your vent line has no kinks and is not clogged or blocked (or too long). (Consider having it cleaned out once a year or so.) The faster the dyer’s hot air leaves your house, the faster the clothes will dry.

If our tips are not enough to keep your dryer in tip-top working order, call Maslyn and Sons Appliance for dryer repair service.

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