About Us

Darren Maslyn, the founder and owner of Maslyn & Sons Appliance Repair, has been in the appliance repair business for over 22 years. He is assisted in various ways by his three sons – from helping out in the field to the design of this web page!

Darren resides in Mission Viejo with his wife of 24 years and a younger daughter, who is still at home. (Plus, you can see from the picture above that their family is rapidly expanding with the addition of 2 new daughters-in-law.) Darren and the Mrs. were both born and raised in Southern California… all four of their children were also born & raised in Orange County, participating in community sports and activities and going to local schools.

The family in 1998.

The family in 2010.

The family and wives and fiancees and girlfriends on 12/26/11.

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